Imboden First Assembly
5569 Hwy 63 Imboden, Arkansas 72434
(870) 810-9209

Mission Statement: “Inviting You Home”

Every decision we make is a step towards welcoming people into God’s Kingdom through salvation and connecting them to God’s church at Imboden First Assembly. 

Jesus – Unity – Compassion – Children – Discipleship – Missionaries

In our home, Jesus is the Focus

We will make Jesus the focus through preaching, prayer and worship. We will allow Jesus to guide us with love and grace as we pursue an unwavering faith. We strive to reflect His teachings daily and share the life-changing power of his Gospel with all who enter, offering hope and inspiration to every heart. 

In our home, unity through the word is our cornerstone!

A thriving church is a beacon of unity. We cannot have unity unless it is rooted and founded in the Word. When conflicts arise, we turn to the Bible for guidance, resolving our differences biblically, while also strengthening our connection with each other and God. 

In our home, we will share the Gospel with love and compassion!

The Gospel is for everyone, and everyone matters to God! We will focus on outreach that ministers with love and compassion to people that are often forgotten. We aim to be vessels of His grace, extending a hand of hope and understanding to all, with the Gospel as our guiding light. 

In our home, children are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today!

We value every child, teaching and training them as missionaries to their school, family, and community. Their presence fills our home with joy and their potential ignites hope and transformation. 

In our home, every believer will be discipled!

We cherish the unique gifts and callings of every believer, recognizing that we can do more together than we can apart. We will teach, train, and equip every believer for serving in ministry in God’s kingdom. We will make disciple makers who make disciple makers. 

In our home, we will send missionaries where we cannot go! 

We admire the heroes who carry God’s word to distant lands, and we feel a personal responsibility to support and pray for missions that reach places we cannot physically tread.